Delivering projects with greater certainty through the increasing use of modern methods of construction (MMC). We are currently delivering one of Europe's largest and most complex infrastructure projects. As an example, Hinkley Point C is the first nuclear power station to be built in a generation and will provide six million UK homes with low carbon energy. Our team  are improving productivity as the project progresses, which will accelerate the delivery of future nuclear energy projects.

Our approach extends from the value engineering of MMC components, to digital engineering that eliminates duplication between design and construction drawings. Lean thinking frees us to focus on adding value to the project, building in greater efficiencies, and using new technology to full advantage.

Our work showcases the art of the possible when complete thinking is used to deliver the most challenging and complex commissions. Our successes are defined by our team culture and commitment to working as one with our customers to deliver excellence.

The results of our unique offering speak for themselves: in addition to our ongoing work at Hinkley Point, for example, our teams have successfully delivered a series of key projects for the last 30 years with CHt being central to innovative ‘one team’ solutions, working across technical disciplines in design, engineering and manufacturing to design and supply sophisticated HVAC, instrumentation and monitoring systems that satisfy exacting, highly complex specifications.

There are no quality and safety requirements more stringent than those in the nuclear sector. Required to guarantee long-term operational performance and safety-critical assurance, they ensure works remain reliable, durable and resilient throughout their life.

It is a combination of large-scale infrastructure experience and technological innovation that has underpinned CHt’s success that extends back to the 1950s and is continuing through the delivery of the UK’s first nuclear power station in a generation: Hinkley Point C.

Clean energy within the UK continues to be a growing market, with stability being achieved by sustainability targets, reduced carbon energy generation, increased costs in wholesale electricity and depleting stores of fossil fuels. Crown House Technologies has successfully delivered a number of clean energy projects and is recognised as a key provider in the market.

Crown House have been involved in the development of Landfill Gas Power Generation since 1988.  The production of energy from waste requires an integrated approach and rigorous aftercare, all of which are available to us in-house. We can efficiently design and build power-generating plants quickly and efficiently, with our tried and tested techniques of manufacturing vital components off-site, prefabricating the gas process pipe work and plant in our off-site manufacturing facility minimised the on-site installation time, making it possible to achieve a fast track programme.

Crown House can undertake the principle management of M&E design from the initial planning to the commissioning handover stage. In-house multi-disciplinary teams of M&E  engineers work either in parallel with consultants or with overall services responsibility. Our speed of achievement at all the sites demonstrates our ability to work swiftly and efficiently, collaborating with local contractors in order to deliver a power plant that will endure and prove its worth not just now but for many future years.