Delivery to the ever-changing world of legislation, regulations and Standards is critical, not only to us but also to our supply partners as well.

Our projects our supported by an industry leading MEICA technical team. With system engineering being the key to success our MEICA technical team covers all areas of the building services that bring a building to life. From the traditional building services through to Utilities, Lifts, Engineering safety and Fire, we have a full team of specialists including Chief Engineers, Technical managers, Authorising Engineers and Fire Engineers.

Working alongside government, trade and professional bodies, Crown House Technologies (CHt) support the wider industry in driving changes to make our projects more compliant and safer during the delivery process.

Our Authorising Engineer’s team plays a key role as part of the wider MEICA Technical Function, having authority for managing the implementation, monitoring and compliance of the company Mechanical and Electrical Safety Rules and Procedures. With safety being our core value as they visit our exciting portfolio of projects; they bring support and guidance to our delivery teams as they progress through the installation phase. As we reach energisation and fluid introduction the team ensures the correct checks and balances are in place, to provide assurance to our clients that we are operating in a compliant manner and are in control of our risks at this critical stage of the project.

Our team which is made up of both experienced and young developing engineers fulfils the subject expert role for Power and Distribution, ensuring compliance, robust testing and safe operation of the main electrical equipment. Through close collaboration with our Clients and their FM teams we can support on-site training and a smooth transition at time of completion and handover into operation.

Fire engineering technical compliance is a complex and multi-faceted subject and is often a critical interface between the building architecture, structure, and mechanical and electrical services. Our approach is therefore based on the concept that buildings need to be designed and engineered as systems from the outset.

Our multi-disciplinary group of engineers and specialists work at the forefront of fire engineering technical compliance. Working alongside our delivery teams to ensure that fire engineering best practice and technical compliance is embedded into our projects. Their expertise includes fire strategy, building regulations and code compliance and all areas of active and passive fire protection.

Change and innovation is constant in the construction industry, its important as we face the future challenges of our planet, building services engineering can have a huge role in how our projects operate in the built environment.

Legislative compliance and innovation are central to our operations. We have a team of Chief Engineers that engage with industry to seek the best options available to deploy on our projects providing added value to our clients. Their role is to support our project teams in technical challenges and write processes and information notices which in turn ensure that all our projects deliver in a quality assured manner. The wide spectrum of skills and experience in our Engineering Team means there is no challenge that cannot be resolved.

Utilities connections to new buildings are often complex and fraught with risk and uncertainty. In order to minimise this risk, it is essential they are fully understood and properly managed at every stage of the project.

We have a specialist utilities team assist which work alongside our delivery teams providing technical support at every stage of the design and delivery process.

They de-risk the delivery of our projects by helping to identify the numerous utilities interfaces that exist below and above ground, that are often not understood at the early stages of the project. Providing live working trackers that schedule each utility interface ensuring that the removal, alteration or new installation of each service is planned for in a coordinated manner which links in with site logistics, demolition and construction activities in a safe manner.

Lifts and escalators are a fundamental part of our projects and is one of our “critical packages". We have Vertical Transportation (VT) technical team which sits within the wider MEICA technical team and provides specialist technical support at all stages of a project.

Providing technical excellence and support to our project teams though collaborative engagement with the specialist vertical transportation manufacturers. During the early stages of design they bring added value to our clients by challenging design specifications and drawings, identifying value engineering opportunities such as standard wiring and operating fixtures to ensure increased availability, reliability, and callouts.