Working in a collaborative environment with the wider client project team, from as early as the concept design stages, we review the client project specification requirements and help to influence the MEP design, bringing innovative solutions that are both efficient and cost effective whilst providing assurance on the delivery and handover of our projects for our clients.

The one team delivery approach adopted by CHt affords Enterprise Solutions specialists the opportunity to be on board from the initial bid launch to review the project specification requirements and influence the MEP design, considering innovative solutions that are efficient and cost effective. All of the specialist systems are reliant upon a stable IT network.

Bringing buildings to life

Crown House Enterprise Solutions deliver the specialist systems listed below.

Building Management System (BMS)

Enterprise Solutions are an integral part of CHT and provide innovative BMS Solutions, working closely with the MEP team our BMS bid specialists provide early engagement from the outset with the project design team and carry this one team approach through the installation, commissioning, and handover.

Energy Management System (EnMS)

The EnMS can be part of the BMS for a straightforward building. For a more complex project where energy management is critical a standalone EMS may be desirable. Our engineers review complex specifications and advise on most suitable solutions validating the commissioning management team.

Smart Building technology

With increasing reliance upon smart technologies clients are looking for connected solutions which can be managed and monitored remotely, delivered in tandem with our ICT and digital engineering colleagues. We advise the construction and MEP teams on the IoT requirements so that these can be accommodated through the design phases.

Electronic Security Systems (ESS)

Our ESS specialists are an integral part of Enterprise Solutions, working closely with clients and end users we design, specify and install the latest Electronic security systems, from analytical video surveillance, access control to intruder and intercom systems all on a common IP platform provided under the ICt network solution.

Lighting Control Systems (LCS)

Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed. From the design stage our engineers are engaged with the clients architects and consultants to provide smart lighting solutions using both wired and the latest wireless mesh technologies.

Information Communication Technology Networks (ICT)

With the constant progression to the IoT (Internet of Things) it is the essential communication platform for systems to transfer data both within the building LAN (Local Area Network), and outside world WAN (Wide Area Network).  Our engineers work closely with the other specialist systems to deliver converged network systems.

Recent experience

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Everton Stadium FC

Our team are delivering BMS, ICT, Security, Lighting Control and AV. A requirement of the specification included facial recognition which the team are delivering using Dallmeier Cameras and Inner Range Access Control which are fed from two main equipment rooms on a separate ICT network. The main screens in the stadium are made up from 1250 Magic Tiles per Big Screen creating screens which are 288m2 in size.

Soho Place

Our team delivered BMS, ICT and Lighting Control. In the office spaces a dynamic tuneable white system was installed and in the theatre space an architectural scene setting solution was deployed to create the illusion of constellations. The ICT structured cabling and active network was delivered on three separate networks across three buildings the tallest being 20 stories.

Baker Street

Enterprise Solutions are delivering the BEMS, Lighting Control and ICT. The Building Energy Management System has 31 control panels connected to the building network and all specialist systems are written in a software language which can integrate into the client and end user smart building platform.