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Client/project partners: Confidential

Duration: Complete

Location: London



We delivered a 12MW final capacity flex data centre with four 1,100m² white-space data halls while seamlessly linking live services from LD6 to LD7 and avoiding disruption.

Using early design support to drive CSA efficiencies

Early engagement, an understanding of our clients expectations based on a long standing relationship, and a collaborative preconstruction approach allowed embedded modular MEP solutions for the design and build of four 1,100m² white-space data halls with raised floors and ceilings. The project also consisted of a customer care centre, logistics building, external gantry for generators and construction of a new substation.

The works comprised the development of the Stage 3 design and the complete building shell for the ultimate IT load, together with the IT infrastructure for the 4 halls. These halls included CRACs, UPS strings, UPS output panels, 11kv switchboards, cooling strings and generators.

By working alongside the client during the PCSA period, we were able to strategically plan the logistics, temporary works, lifting strategy and programme to mitigate potential risks before construction started.

Added value to clients

Each installation was digitally engineered to design out risk before we started on site. The sophisticated and detailed digital model was also handed over to the clients FM team to act as a digital O&M file and as a smart FM tool.

Digital demonstration

With Digital Engineering being used in the production of 389 modules, the team were able to digitally demonstrate installation methodologies and analyse the logistical elements using detailed videos from the model.

Modularising efficiency into the CSA build

Our project team held weekly design workshops with the design team, including ARUP and RBA, throughout the PCSA to identify areas which would benefit from the introduction of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). Adding to our suite of standardised modules, we developed a further set of large-scale MEP modules which are quicker to install and reduce facilities maintenance (FM) post-completion.

Key statistics


UPS room modules – 20 weeks of activity on site being completed in a cleaner and safer factory environment within four weeks


MEP modules which leveraged the critical path of the data centre to provide streamlined programme efficiencies – removing 25,000 hours from site


Hours removed from the site - thanks to CRAH unit modules – completed off site and installed in four days.