As operators of the UK’s largest MEP manufacturing centre, Crown House Manufacturing has delivered offsite solutions for over 25 years and provided significant modular benefits to water sector projects throughout the UK.

The key to this project’s success was that our experienced engineers were able to collaborate with supply chain partners from the outset. This meant that precise details could be discussed and implemented into the digital model. Consequently, this enabled us to provide certainty to the client, making sure that the new aeration system containing pipe supports and access walkways, would fit around the two new aeration lanes being constructed.

Over the course of 150 days, our production team spent 9,800 work hours manufacturing:

  • 84 tonnes of fabricated steel sections
  • 1,464m of stainless-steel pipework ranging from 1600mm to 100mm
  • 950 pipe fabricated / welded joints
  • 208 pipe spools
  • 260 pipework supports to form the aeration distribution header.

To give an understanding of the enormity of the project our Design for Manufacture and Assembly Engineer Matthew Standhaven said:

“Every access walkway consists of six individual sections totalling 60 metres in length, and is comprised of aeration pipework, pipework supports, valves, safety handrail and davit sockets. Each 10-metre section of the walkway is designed to bridge over the aeration lanes and span between the precast concrete.”

Throughout the manufacturing phase we were able to drive even greater levels of productivity and certainty for the client by using data and digital technology to align with our manufacturing expertise. The first instance of this was for the pipe spools where our fabrication department used the STRATUS manufacturing platform to view 3D models and eliminate the need for paper drawings

Secondly, our highly trained team of inspectors used ‘Fieldview’, a system that allowed them to digitally track the progress of a product daily. This effectively created a library of notes and pictures throughout the build phases from demonstration of alignment and build quality, right through to despatch images.

For a more detailed look at our manufacturing facility why not check out our video here.