Our approach

Crown House technologies is more than just a leading light in the building services sector. As part of one of the UK’s most innovative engineering enterprises, we have the ability to apply the latest thinking and technology to drive projects from concept, through design and planning, to project management and installation, and on through their active life.

Backed by intelligent Digital Engineering (DE) technology and modelling, industry leading Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and off-site manufacturing, our experienced teams have the unique ability to self-deliver the majority of project scope using our own highly skilled ,directly-employed workforce. This approach offers high levels of programme management certainty and completeness of operations as well as reducing the number of work package interfaces.

We focus on creating and maintaining superior, sustainable environments for our customers by offering innovations in design, delivery and operations. We see change as an opportunity, allowing us to challenge conventional thinking and deliver greater levels of value to customers. We have always been at the forefront of change and have built a strong track record of delivering innovative, successful solutions to the construction industry.

By carrying out an intensive analysis of the design detailing, prefabrication and installation proposals at an early stage, we are able to plan and programme work with certainty. The key to our success lies in our ability to bring together collaborative teams and translate innovative design into assured delivery.

Access to the latest technology and the use of a wide range of planning and programming tools give the customer and project teams flexibility and efficient sequencing. These, combined with our extensive experience, enable us to anticipate the areas likely to require more attention, thus giving us the best opportunity to deliver programme assurance.

Our comprehensive approach to supply chain management provides a strategic and structured approach to the management of suppliers and overall process. Preferred suppliers are selected according to their track record on quality, value and delivery, ability to provide multi-product packages and their approach to health and safety and sustainability.