Post occupancy

The energy challenge is one of the most pressing issues of the modern age. Engineers must improve the energy performance of existing buildings and design new facilities with radically reduced operational carbon levels.

Crown House Technologies’ delivery capabilities have broadened to include a smart energy platform which manages building energy performance through a dedicated web-based portal. This provides instant data metrics on energy activity, analysis, and powerful diagnosis tools to prevent environmental wastage. A user friendly dashboard is easily accessible and allows users to address energy issues quickly and efficiently.

A dedicated central environmental team supports our clients in the understanding of energy and carbon management. Collection of this data assists in our understanding of energy, carbon, and water ‘in use’ metrics for all of our delivered buildings together with providing a service to key client’s estate management.

This in-house Environmental Bureau supports our vision by delivering to our client’s clear metrics on post occupancy performance of their facilities assisting in the management of their business overheads, corporate responsibility protocols and long term building asset management.

If you have login details for our energy portal, you can access the page by clicking here.

Featured project

Dagenham Park School