Design Management

Crown House Technologies has a talented team of professional Chartered Engineers, leading development and design innovation across our portfolio of projects.

Our design function comprises some of the industry’s most respected experts, with a principal role to devise designed  strategies which maximise our manufacturing capability, enabling us to deliver high quality engineering solutions for our clients.

Collaboration and partnership are key to our business offering. We work to create superior client led solutions, and we partner with renowned external consultants at the highest levels. Our teams lead complex design development solutions, contributing to our work winning strategy as well as leading technical development on live projects, making them an integral part of the delivery solution. At every stage, we ensure liaison between our Digital Engineering team, manufacturing centre and our supply chain.  Stakeholder management is a key process and each team member excelsin this role.

As a function, we have a detailed knowledge of Digital Engineering (DE) software applications and set the delivery strategy on each project, liaising between all key team members i.e. estimating, commercial, supply chain, manufacturing and external design consultancies.

We monitor emerging technologies for the application and effective integration of new ideas and opportunities into our system solutions to ensure that we are at the leading edge of innovation, keeping ahead of our competition, and setting the standard for efficient and sustainable building services engineering design, testing and commissioning.

We challenge all of our functional staff to aim for continuous professional development as we consider it to be key to ensuring that our vision, capability and standards remain at the forefront of our sector.

Featured project

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