Crown House Technologies (CHt) has developed an Environmental Commissioning Process that delivers fully tested, operational and energy efficient buildings.

At the beginning of a project, our Commissioning Manager identifies the criteria required for a successful handover and occupation of the building. Having identified the client’s desired outcomes, we then produce high quality test and commissioning plans that will deliver a complete project with tested and documented performance, reliability and redundancy/resilience. 

We recognise that the commissioning, integrated system testing and testing of a structure’s energy efficient performance in operation are key activities for the delivery of a building to our clients needs. 

Our experienced in-house teams champion every facet of the commissioning, handover and post-occupancy performance testing. By engaging at an early stage with all stakeholders, we build a project commissioning team, which manages every aspect from the clear definition of acceptance criteria, identifying performance criteria, developing test methods to agreeing their results, agreeing demonstrations and witnessing requirements.

Through presentations and workshops, we keep the whole team fully appraised on progress, with the building pre-requisites clearly described and a detailed Commissioning Execution Plan published.

The Commissioning Managers then co-ordinate all works through weekly meetings and individual contact with the specialists. During the design and installation phases of the project, a ‘soft landings’ strategy is developed. This identifies all future testing requirements to prove the building is operating as efficiently as possible, and of course to our client’s requirements.

The soft landings execution plan includes design system performance specifications, actual as-commissioned test results and the measurements required to prove that systems are operating efficiently, and are delivered in association with our BMS team (Enterprise Solutions). We track and report the commissioning progress using our Commissioning Activity Schedule and the Commissioning Programme.

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