Infrastructure and Industrial

For the last 70 years Crown House Technologies has led the way through pioneering projects in water, power through to rail and air infrastructure.

Our infrastructure teams have exceptional project management skills and know-how. This is focused through lean thinking and a drive to eliminate waste. This approach extends from the value engineering of pre-fabricated components, to a ‘design it once’ philosophy that eliminates duplication between design and construction drawings. Lean thinking frees us to focus on adding value to the project, building in greater efficiencies and using new technology to full advantage. 

CHt offer a complete MEICA package for infrastructure & industrial applications, communications, ICT, intelligent building, monitoring and BMS. We also have a 129,000 sq ft factory offering off-site manufacturing and assembly for our digitally engineered modular MEICA packages. We aim to self-deliver as much of the work scope as possible using our own directly-employed workforce. This approach offers greatly improved levels of management certainty with regards to programme and completeness of operations as well as reducing the number of work package interfaces.

The core activities provided by CHt:-

  • Full MEICA work scope & project leadership
  • Programme & design management
  • BIM/Digital Engineering & modelling
  • Buildability reviews & logistics planning
  • Offsite manufacturing/DfMA/value engineering 
  • Package procurement
  • Commissioning, integrated system tests and 'Setting to Work'
  • Fully accredited Quality Assurance and documentation control procedures.

We work to one programme, as one team, right through to completion. Each project has the direct involvement of a member of the CHt senior management team with appropriate experience to offer an expert overview of the project. Our ‘install it once’ policy aims to achieve a zero-defect record, and off-site manufacturing has revolutionised the speed and efficiency of our work on site. Digital Engineering allows us to virtually build a solution before we actually construct it. Entire plant rooms can be built, tested and pre-commissioned before being delivered to the site.

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