Data Centres

CHt is one of the UK's principal building services providers, delivering high class data centres.

We have developed a first-class knowledge of the issues, opportunities and best practices within the world of data centres and mission critical facilities, seamlessly managing the co-ordination of design, procurement, manufacture, installation, commissioning, monitoring and operating the most complex data centres across Europe, with breathtaking speed, efficiency and quality.

The continuing growth in internet usage, data storage requirements, the increasing costs of power, the emerging focus on sustainability and the management of energy consumption are just a few of the factors that are creating a serious demand for new and upgraded data centres. Our team is truly excited about the prospect of meeting these challenges head-on and providing bespoke, innovative, and cost-effective solutions.

CHt also provide a prefabricated data centre solution that can be tailored to business needs

  • High specification baseline design
  • Flexible design – allowing customisation, easy expansion or change of use
  • Efficient design ‐ providing low operating costs
  • Rapid deployment ‐ to meet tomorrow’s need today
  • Factory quality – built and commissioned offsite, tested on site
  • Future proof – grow with business
  • Holistic – a total infrastructure solution, from car park to cooling
  • Resilient – built in autonomy to reduce risk of downtime
  • Concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant design

In addition to delivering an end to end construction program, Crown House Technologies also offers a smart energy platform and maintenance contract.


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Project Delivery
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