HMP Shotts

Scottish Prison Service
March 2011 to August 2012
Project Partners
Main Contractor - Laing O’Rourke Construction LtdArchitect - Clifford Tee and GaleM&E Consulting Engineer - ARUP

Full Project Details

Crown House Technologies (CHt) was fully responsible for the complete design and installation of building services to the following structures and services:

A new 270 single person cell houseblock together with a new activities building.

  • Houseblock GIFA = 8,845m2
  • Activities Building GIFA = 7,656m2
  • Total GIFA = 16,501m2

Mechanical Services

Heating to each building

1)    VT - Variable temperature serving radiators and radiant panels.

2)    CT - Constant temperature serving air handling units and hot water vessels.

Ventilation - Natural & Mechanical ventilation installed

  • DX cooling
  • Mechanical smoke vent systems
  • Laundry fit-out
  • Utility connections
    • Gas, water, hydrants
  • BMS system installed in each building
  • Plumbing for each building

Electrical Services

  • Section board for each building
  • Power and lighting for each building
  • Fire alarm and disabled refuge

Security systems for each building

Fully integrated security systems including:

  • CCTV & PIDs
  • Officers' alarm
  • Intercom systems
  • Door locking
  • Cell call system

The challenge

With a challenging construction programme, one of CHt’s key activities was to correlate  the design information and  ensure it linked into the different Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) methods used (i.e. service modules, integrated DBs, services and holing within concrete panels, and modular wiring) to be designed and manufactured to meet the delivery timeline.


Further challenges were experienced in the coordination of work within tight spaces, rigid commercial targets and changes to specifications. 


Our approach

Crown House Technologies (CHt) was a key member of the delivery team from the outset, advising the client and supporting all of the design requirements.

As a design and build project with an aggressive construction programme, and a large part of the proposed delivery programme relying on DfMA information being correct first time, Laing O’Rourke utilised a DfMA concrete panel solution, with CHt installing 136 fully serviced modules.

CHt engaged with sub-contractors and suppliers, and  used early base design information to drive the manufacture of off-site modules.

The engineering behind our delivery

Many innovative solutions were introduced to assist with the delivery of this project. These included:

  • 136 multi-service DfMA modules installed during the construction of this project.
  • On all 273 cells, power and water control were incorporated in one DB to save space in riser area.
  • All cell power and lighting had energy saving control i.e. similar to hotel room power saving
  • Modular wiring
  • Rain water harvesting utilised.
  • The main houseblock was constructed using off-site manufactured concrete panels, requiring considerable design input to install conduit at off-site manufacture stage.
  • Integration of all security and safety systems in one Emergency Control Room (ECR)