Forth Valley Acute Hospital PFI

NHS Forth Valley
May 2007 - April 2011

Full Project Details

Crown House Technologies (CHt) was fully responsible for the design and build of all mechanical and electrical services including general ventilation, AC, LTHW heating, chilled water, domestic water, medical gases, pneumatic tube systems, nurse call systems, fire alarms, data/comms, security, power and lighting. We also managed all mechanical, electrical & public health works.

The challenge

The key challenge for both the design and installation teams was the integration of the specialist clinical  requirements, administrative support, retail and franchise opportunities and embedded facilities management services from a variety of stakeholders, into a centralised facility -  constructed , commissioned and demonstrated  over an 18 month  multi phased handover period.

Our Approach

From the very outset of this project, CHt worked collaboratively with all stakeholders.  During the detailed design of each service, minimising energy usage for the operation of the hospital was the prime objective. Our collaborative approach mirrored the client’s intent of centralising their key resources to minimise wastage and duplication, whilst maximising the user benefits. Centralising key plant, whilst eliminating unnecessary duplication, enabled key utility savings to be realised, whilst giving resilience for mechanical and electrical components throughout the facility.

The engineering behind our delivery

Many innovative solutions were introduced to assist with both the construction and commissioning phases of the project. These included, prewired AHU’s, prefabricated pump skids and pipework, pre-fabricated multi service brackets, the introduction of a two port control system in conjunction with pressure controlled pumps, in order to facilitate the phased handover of the project and on-going control benefits. Another example of our innovation was the Intelligent Building Management System (BMS), allowing centralised control and energy monitoring of electrical power, heating and cooling services which in turn enables real-time energy saving options along with long term strategic utility planning.