Self delivery

Crown House Technologies has a passion for operational excellence in the delivery of projects. A key component towards achieving this objective is the strategy to utilise a direct employment model for the delivery of our core activities, including both off site and on site fabrication and installation work.

This offers greatly improved levels of management certainty, allowing us to have direct control over the execution of our work including safety, quality, programme and cost with regards to programme and completeness of operations, as well as reducing the number of Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health work package interfaces.

Self Delivery

Delivering on the benefits of a direct employment model requires a systematic and consistent approach to the manner in which we deploy our resources, and control and measure performance.

Our process and methodology for the deployment of our direct workforce to achieve the objectives covers five key components:

  • Planning for Productive Performance
  • Workplace Organisation
  • Supervision & Labour Skill Mix
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Management Oversight & Feedback

 By investing in the training and development of our direct workforce, we are able to drive increased efficiency in each of these key factors which define success in our business.